"I need you I need you more and more each day."


About me
Let's see. I'm Radina but I like when people call me Radi. 16. Live in Bulgaria. Loyal. Patient. Talk too much. Very kind when in a good mood. Unfortunately, selfish. Critical. A little bit crazy. Perfectionist but still I don't like those "perfect" people.

Big sports fan. Formula 1. Kimi Raikkonen. Tennis. Football. Chelsea FC. Ski jumping. Swimming. Athletics. Gymnastics. Snooker.

Biggest passions: Blond guys & Scandinavia. Finland.

Love: Ice-cream. Strawberries. Watermelon. Cheese. Milk. Winter & snow. Geography. The Sun. Beaches. Writing. Listening to music. Horses. Leopards. Coons. Blue. Sky.

Watch(ed): One Tree Hill. Lost. Gossip Girl. Supernatural. Heroes. House. M.D. The Simpsons. Glee. Skins. 90210. The O.C. The Vampire Diaries. Grey's Anatomy. Smallville. Melrose Place. Friends. Degrassi. HIMYM. Yes Dear. Rules of Engagement. Will and Grace. Two and a Half Men. E.R. Malcolm in the Middle. Dollhouse. Ally McBeal. Just Shoot Me. Desperate Housewives. Ghost Whisperer.

Love family and friends.
Try to follow my dreams and succeed so far.
Try to be a better person and change bad habits.
Believe in God and destiny.
I believe one day I will find the right person for me, I will live where I will be happy and I will work something I’ve always wanted.
No smoking. No drinking. No drugs.

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