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Picspam - Top 10 Male Characters

So I finally got over my laziness and finished my picspam. There were many ties between the characters but I can say I'm satisfied now :) I think of making a version 2.0 of it (a.k.a. from 11 till 20th place). I hope you enjoy my choices.
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#10 Liam Court, 90210

It is all Matt’s fault. He plays his role SO good, it’s unbelievable. Some of you will say he’s a typical example for” a bad boy gone good” but I believe he’s not. He changed himself. Yes, Naomi deserves the credit, too, but most of the job, he did himself. I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming. The funny part is that he’s like the opposite of my number 7 [to be posted], but I still love them both. For him there is a fine and apparent line between good and bad, in contrast to season 1’s Liam. He doesn’t easily forgive when somebody crosses that line, because we have to admit it, 98% of the cases we, on our own, decide to cross that line and lie, or just go bad. Naomi shouldn’t have played him in that way (off-topic I still believe and hope they will work things out) and I’m glad he stayed true to his believes and didn’t forgive her newest lie. I think he needs some time alone; it will have a good effect on his personality.

#9 Ryan Atwood, The O.C.

Exactly the way I imagine the big brother I’ve always wanted and will never have. Ryan is the only bad boy who has been good from the very beginning, right? :D I can’t say much about him, he’s just Ryan – he will try to protect you and trust you and understand you. He will be there for you – to listen to you and give you an advice but you should be careful not to lose him, it’s gonna be a big mistake. He’s careful when faced with the unknown. His irony is like the best thing ever :D His personality is the closest one to perfection, imo.

#8 Oliver Queen, Smallville

This summer I watched all 9 seasons of Smallville, but I must say I liked Ollie since his first one - the 6th season premiere. It is unbelievable how he can be both absolutely lost and absolutely determined even though not at the same time. He is a very strong character. I love his idea of always doing the better thing, even if it means being a little bad (a.k.a. stealing, killing).

He was really tied for the 8th place with Ryan. I find many similarities in their characters even though some of you may laugh at me right now. No matter what, Ollie will always be a hero, he will sacrifice himself for the well-being of many others, but I will say he’s a different hero. Not the typical one (a.k.a. Clark), more of a good one, caring this little darkness inside him.

#7 Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

Lucas seemed lost and confused for most of the time on the show, but one thing will always drive him towards the future – love. Lucas’ wisdom and points of views have always been interesting to me. He is a different character than most of these here. With him, it’s not about being good or bad, it’s about what lies in your heart beyond that. His decisions weren’t right or wrong, he was the boy who could show you and even convince you that there is no such a thing as wrong. There are only many many people with different minds, desires and wishes, all of which are right in their own magical way.

There is not a better job for Lucas than being a writer. He has always been the master of words and feelings. I can only say that I’m glad he opened his heart at the end, and took his decision, which was the end of the biggest ships battle ever. For Brucas fans that decision was wrong and for Leytoners it was the right one. It is sad that almost all these fans didn’t get his message – there is no right and wrong – there are just choices that are made and some that are not.

P.S. I’m a Leytoner, but I will never ever hate Brucas. And I will never stop telling people that what they had was also beautiful and real :)

#6 Jack Shephard, Lost

Most of you probably think that Jack is one of these characters who will either be number 1 on your favourites list or on the ones you hate. It was a very BIG tie between him and the next guy, because Jack is a complete and complex character. Lost made a miracle in developing their characters and I will say, mostly Jack. He is a hero, in the full and only meaning that this word has. He is selfless and helpful, and he will give in everything, even the person he loves the most, to do the right thing, which may save many people. And at the end that’s what happened. I’ve always known that he will die, in a tragic, yet beautiful way, because that is what happens to the saviors. I didn’t cry when he died, I remembered all the good he did and I smiled because I knew he died believing in the rightness of his actions. He never ever stopped believing, and that my friends, is the most important thing to me. Most. Ever.

Jack may have deserved to be hated from time to time, he wasn’t perfect, nobody is. The tough situations he was in, only proved the great personality he already had, but they made him stronger, the strongest character, imo. It is very important that whatever he has done, he has done it, thinking, believing he will do good. This is something that can’t be seen very often. Try like – never.

#5 Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy

I’ve always felt like Grey’s Anatomy doesn’t devote enough time to the personality of Mark. But now when I think about it, Shonda did develop him but in a different way – through his friendships with Callie and Derek, and his relationships with Addison and Lexie. Who would guess that our womanizer, and I mean a REAL one, will say “I know, I’m saying you could have a husband.”. Plus the whole way in which he managed the situation with the baby and him being a grandfather (already) changed him in such a good way that sometimes I’m wondering, is it possible?

Mark is funny, caring, thoughtful, thorough and a friend everyone could wish for.

#4 Sam Winchester, Supernatural

He’s my man. He will always be special to me. No, I don’t say this word often.

When I started watching Supernatural I was 99,9% sure I will be a Dean girl. I loved Jensen and well, he’s hot, and I already felt like I know him – the big brother who will protect everyone, how could you not fall in love with him? But I didn’t know anything about the other brother, the one called Sam. And then it took me 42 mins, the premiere of the show, to see that this is a big delusion, because I was already a 100% Sam girl. And I’ve been ever since. I don’t know if the puppy eyes or the ambitions or the impetuosity bewitched me, but they did completely. It’s not like I don’t like Dean, I do, especially in the last season (strange for a Sam girl, huh?) but like I said Sammy is special. And I think I feel this way because his personality is just the way I imagine my husband’s will be.

Sammy needed to be saved most of the time, but he was still strong. He sacrificed for Dean (and Dean for him, I know), but he was still vulnerable. He was angry and evil, but he still remembered his brother and what they had. He fights even when it looks like he has no more strength. I hope he always will.

#3 Seth Cohen, The O.C.

I do believe that at the end good will always beat evil.

Seth is the only really truly good boy on this list and probably on many other lists. He is the first male character I fell in love with. He might be selfish and sarcastic and scared but he has this heart, you know….Oh boy, I can’t explain it.

He has loved, like for real, only one girl in his life, and it may sound cheesy but man, that is a fairytale. He has the perfect and at the same time imperfect qualities a man should have. He’s the boyfriend I would like to have, the friend, the classmate, the colleague.

#2 Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

This man – dot, dot, dot. I knew that it will be really difficult for somebody to displace my number 1 but I did not assume that it will only take me like half a season to love someone more than characters I’ve seen in a hundred of episodes. I fall in love with the goodness inside his heart over and over again each time I watch an episode of the show. And the fact that he’s naturally evil and not really trying to change make a difference, too. Because he does change and I don’t know if it’s because of Elena or because of who he might be for real but Ian’s character is so appealing and I’m sure most of the fans feel drawn to him just like I do.

The moment I realized he deserved all the love he gets was in the finale- when he talked to Jeremy and later when he said : “I’m not a hero, Elena. I don’t do good, it’s not in me.” and Katherine’s reaction “Maybe it is.” That was magnificent; even she could notice the difference.

All people in his life have betrayed him and now he has these walls all around him (similar to my number 1 fave) and I know that he will find a way to break those walls because of Elena and Stefan, and the fact that the person who betrayed you didn’t necessarily stopped loving you.

#1 Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

I’ve said so many times why I love this man, I’ve written it in my previous characters-related picspam [on lj] but I will say it again and again. He is unique. Yep, he was a womanizer and stuff, and even back then I adored him. Because no matter how bad he might look, he will always be good deep down in his heart. He’s vulnerable and that’s the reason why he hurts the people he loves. He tries to protect himself and that is why I can’t blame him for anything. Living without a mother and with a father like his, this can make you become disastrous but he’s not. Because somehow he managed to keep a little hope and never let it go.

I don’t like Blair, that’s not a secret. But what she’s done for him is unbelievably amazing and I will always be grateful to her for showing Chuck what being loved means. She changed him but most of all she made him want this change. And even when he still gets lost, I know, we all know that he will find the right way because of her. They were meant to be together and eventually they will be, again.
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